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  • 27.06.2016

    Toilet Paper and Hand Towels

    Lake Distributors is a full service distributor of troilet paper, hand towels and janitorial supplies in Ireland. We have a huge range of products, ranging from toilet tissue to cleaning & janitorial supplies and many more. We supply public, commercial and domestic markets and aim to provide our customers with premium service and top quality cleaning and janitorial supplies at the lowest prices available...

  • 21.06.2016

    Commercial Kitchen Hygiene

    Lake Distributors carry a premium range of kitchen cleaning products all at the right price. Keep your kitchen hygenic and safe for your customers and staff by using the right product for the job. Evans Vanodine offer a range of kitchen cleaning chamicals to rival Diversey, Ecolab and any other range on the market. Beating the others on quality  but yet keeping the prices affordable is what makes the...

  • 15.03.2012

    Cleaning Supplies Online

    Lake Distributors is a distributor of a vast range of high quality cleaning supplies and equipment for domestic, commercial and public applications. Whether you want a single domestic anti-bacterial spray or regular janitorial supplies for a multi-site company, you came to the right place!   Take a look at our range of top quality cleaning and janitorial supplies at the best prices&nb...

  • 21.02.2012

    Security Supplies Online

    Lake Distributors is a full service distributor of office products and janitorial supplies in Ireland and Europe. We have a wide selection of office supplies at best value. We supply public, commercial and domestic markets and aim to provide our customers with premium service and top quality Security Supplies at the best prices available: First Aid S...

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