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Commercial Kitchen Hygiene


Lake Distributors carry a premium range of kitchen cleaning products all at the right price.

Keep your kitchen hygenic and safe for your customers and staff by using the right product for the job.

Evans Vanodine offer a range of kitchen cleaning chamicals to rival Diversey, Ecolab and any other range on the market.

Beating the others on quality  but yet keeping the prices affordable is what makes them the right choice.


With a food grade range that includes Esteem Sanitiser, Lift Degreaser, Evans Oven Cleaner, Evasn Sidh Wash and Rince Aid along with a selection of floor cleaners that are all top quality, Lake Distributors can provide you with the necessry suite of products and processes to ensure that yiour kitchen is safe and compliant for food safety.


Give us  call for more information. You wil be glad that you did.